Poll: How Do You Prepare Your Taxes?

With tax time upon us, you have probably either already filed, completed, or at least started thinking about your taxes. But, how do you prepare your taxes? Do you stick to the traditional method of filling out the paper forms by hand, or do you rely on the assistance of a software program? Or maybe you don’t even want to be bothered with it and let someone else do it for you. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of options available, and it is interesting to see why people choose one method over the others.

In my situation, I used TaxCut Online for the second straight year. I like the ability to easily hop on a computer and fire up their website without having to download any software. This provides flexibility to work on my taxes from any computer I happen to be using. We seriously considered getting an accountant this year since our tax situation was becoming a bit more complicated, but after doing my return for free online to see what we’d owe, it was unlikely that any deductions that a professional could find would be enough to offset the added expense, so it was a wash. Next year, I think it may be time to hire the work out. So, how do you prepare your taxes, and why?


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About the Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and spent a few years working as a financial planner. Today, he helps people make the most of their money by writing about personal finance here and elsewhere on the web. Jeremy is also Coach at Adaptu and a regular contributor for other publications such as Intuit, and American Express. Be sure to follow Jeremy on Twitter or Google+.

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