Being Financially Prepared for a Disaster


Tweet Disasters happen. There’s simply no way around it, and most of the time there’s nothing we can do about them. And most disasters are extremely rare, so this makes for a devastating combination. But look no further than early 2011 and see that disasters can and do happen, and can affect millions of people. […]

How to Negotiate Your Medical Bills


Tweet According to a study conducted by The American Journal of Medicine, around 60% of personal bankruptcies are caused by overwhelming medical bills. The fact is, if you’ve been sick or severely injured, medical bills can add up fast. Even if you have health insurance, there is a good chance that you will be left […]

Finding Health Insurance if You Are Self-Employed

catastrophic health insurance

Tweet Where to Self-Employment Health Insurance Anyone who is fortunate enough to have a full-time job that provides health benefits probably gives little thought to their health insurance other than grumbling about the premiums. But those who are self-employed, work part-time, or otherwise don’t have health insurance provided as a benefit are living in an […]

How SIPC Works and How it Differs from FDIC Insurance


Tweet How SIPC Insurance Can Protect Your Investments With news of banks failing and being taken over by FDIC, a lot of people are questioning not only how safe their deposits are, but their investments in brokerage accounts and mutual fund companies as well. One thing you have to remember is that FDIC insurance only […]

Understanding the 6 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage


Tweet People generally don’t put much thought into their auto insurance coverage. At the very least, there’s often a state minimum requirement, and beyond choosing the deductible most of the definitions on the auto policy just get glanced over.But understanding what these specific items cover, the limits, and amount it adds to your premium can […]

Top 10 Ways to Get Maximum Return After Filing an Auto Insurance Claim


Tweet You’ve dealt with the accident, made sure everyone involved is safe, and filed your auto insurance claim. But, what’s next? I’m sure there are a million questions going through your head “What do I do next?” “When will I hear from the insurance agency?” And perhaps most importantly “Did I do everything I could have?” […]

Putting Your Teenage Son or Daughter on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Road Trip

Tweet There comes a time in every parent’s life where they ask the question, “Does my teenage son or daughter have to be on my auto insurance policy?”  Just the thought of putting an inexperienced driver behind the wheel is enough to send shivers up and down the spine of your average man or woman.  […]

Renters Insurance Basics: What Every Renter Should Know


Tweet Do You Need Renters Insurance? Homeowners Insurance is designed to protect a person’s home. This is an obvious need for insurance since a home is often somebody’s most valuable asset backed by a large loan. This is why most people don’t even think about renter’s insurance. You don’t own the apartment, you didn’t have […]

Health Care Reform Changes That Take Effect September 23


Tweet Health Care Reform is Here and So Are Changes to Your Health Insurance It seems like it was just yesterday that we were debating health care reform, but on September 23 we hit the six-month anniversary of this reform and it also signals milestone where some changes begin to take effect. The changes you’ll […]

Flexible Spending Accounts: Is a FSA Right for You?


Tweet Flexible Spending Accounts Provide an Easy Way to Save Money and Pay for Health Care Expenses One unfortunate result of rising costs associated with health care and health insurance is that employers are now looking for ways to trim employee health benefits. This usually includes increasing co-pays, out-pocket-costs, and deductibles. The good news is […]