How to Save Money for a House

how to save money for a house

Tweet     When buying a house, a buyer is probably making the biggest investment of his or her life and must know how to come up with a serious down payment. On top of that, most buyers will need to spend a substantial amount of money moving and preparing the new house. Sadly, many […]

How to Prepare for Refinancing Your Home Mortgage

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Tweet With mortgage rates still at near record low levels, if you purchased a home or refinanced a few years ago when rates were significantly higher, you may be inclined to try to refinance that mortgage. Refinancing can certainly make sense when rates are low, but it isn’t a slam dunk and it may not […]

Factor In Closing Costs When Buying a Home

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Tweet Buying a home is usually one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, but what many new homebuyers overlook are closing costs. Closing costs are funds, in addition to a loan down payment, paid at settlement. Closing costs vary, but cash transactions will have fewer costs than financed purchases. Although many […]

How To Pay for Closing Costs on Your New Home

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Tweet Buying a home can be a good financial move, but it is costly. And if you don’t make the right decisions before closing you could be costing yourself thousands. If you are in the process of buying a house or another piece of real estate, you may be required to pay some closing costs […]

Mortgage Rates Are Low, But It May Still Cost You

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Tweet The news keeps talking about mortgage rates that continue to fall to almost unheard of low levels. We’re talking about 30-year fixed rate mortgages hovering just over 5%, and 15-year rates under 5% right now. These rates are sharply lower than just a few years ago. But just how much can you save with […]

What to Do When You Are Turned Down for a Mortgage

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Tweet If you are interested in buying real estate but had your application for a home loan rejected, you have options. Plenty of them. Of course you can ask the lending institution why they put the kibosh on your application but they won’t likely tell you the complete story because they are afraid you’ll sue […]