Want to Work From Home? Consider Direct Selling

Recently, I’ve been looking for additional sources of income and wanted to explore an area that I know nothing about. I wanted to do a little research on the direct selling industry which caters to the needs of and shows support to direct sellers. Most companies that offer this type of opportunity do so at a price so I wanted to do a little research before I invested any money into a seller’s kit or supplies.

As a quick background, direct selling is simply where sales are made by independent contractors to the public without requiring a retail storefront or traditional selling channel. Direct sellers can sell from their home, utilize the web, host parties, or even set up booths at various events. There are a wide array of products that are currently being sold this way ranging from food to cosmetics. For more information be sure to check out Direct Selling 411, which is part of the Direct Selling Association.

Although I’ve never even hosted a home party or completed a demo, I do have a strong retail background which I think would benefit me in this case. I like being social and really know how to work the customer service angle. So, without any further information, I decided to plunge head first into the world of direct selling. I mean, what do I got to lose? I always have writing to fall back on.

Here are a of the few things that made an impression on me when I was researching different companies on the net:

  • Home based businesses can be lucrative.  I’ve seen my fair share of pink cars around town. I guess that goes to show you that the programs set up by direct seling companies do work for a lot of people. How ambitious you are opposed to how ambitious you claim to be are two different things. Direct selling is highly competitive. The representatives that set goals for themselves are the ones that are awarded amazing vacations and vehicles as prizes for their effort. Not everyone is going to have that kind of luck selling cosmetics or kitchen gadgets.
  • Home based businesses are creative. This ain’t your momma’s home party. There is a lot more variety in terms of the products and services you get to choose from. Companies from all around the world are cashing in on the direct selling craze. They offer bigger and better selling kits along with a number of incentives to get their sellers off to a good start. Pricewise, you just can’t beat it.
  • Home based businesses are flexible. In my case, I just want some supplemental income. I’m not looking to make my home party business a full-time career. I do like the fact that I have that option though. The companies that I familiarized myself with online offer plenty of room for advancement. This is especially great for stay-at-home moms and retirees. You have the ability to set your own hours and work whenever it fits your schedule. This allows you plenty of time to spend with your spouse and children.

I’ve chosent to work with two different companies that really seem to be solid. I’m looking forward to seeing what being a consultant will do for me. I may not sell enough to win any prizes and I’m fine with that. I do, however, like to have multiple streams of income coming in. In this economy, it never hurts to have some extra money saved.

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About the Author: Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer with a love for thrift. She contributes to many different personal finance blogs.


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20 and Engaged
20 and Engaged

I've thought about direct selling but need to find the right product with a good market. Cosmetics for my age group isn't going to cut it, so I need to find something my peers can relate to.

C in DC
C in DC

Oh, and the frequency determines how big of a customer base you need to be successful and how often you need to be pursuing new folks.

C in DC
C in DC

One thing to think about when choosing a company to represent, is how frequently will your customers need to replenish. Selling cosmetics or cleaning supplies means that you can resell to existing customers regularly. Selling kitchen or home goods means that you may hit the "enough" point with people (I have *enough* stuff in my house) or that they buy infrequently. Selling clothes falls somewhere in the middle.

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