24 Signs That You Could be in Financial Trouble #12: Fighting About Money With Your Spouse or Significant Other

24 Signs That You Could be in Financial Trouble #12: Fighting About Money With Your Spouse or Significant Other

In this series I am covering the 24 tell-tale signs that you could be in financial trouble. Over the next few weeks I will be presenting these signs, how to identify them and tips on how to address the issue.

One of the top reasons for fighting in a relationship comes from money. Do you find yourself fighting with your significant other when it comes to money?

Examine Your Relationship

Are you fighting about how money is spent or how money is saved? It isn’t very common for two individuals to have identical backgrounds and attitudes about money. Because of these difference it can be easy to disagree about how money is being spent or saved. Take a look at your specific situation and determine where your arguments stem.

If you find your fighting comes from spending habits it is very important to be able to discuss this openly. For example, you may enjoy golfing every weekend with your friends while your spouse would rather try to apply extra money towards debt or savings. This is can be an ongoing argument. Maybe you want to save up some money to update your kitchen while your spouse would rather just take out a line of credit to pay for the job. Whatever the differences are they don’t go away on their own. It takes open and honest discussion to figure out where each person stands and find a common ground.

Assign Responsibilities

One of the biggest triggers for financial arguments come from a lack of clearly defined responsibilities. Who is responsible for making the mortgage payment, the cable, or the electricity payments? It is common to assume that one person or the other will be making that payment but what happens when it doesn’t get made?

I’ve been there and even a simple thing like a $15 sewer bill can lead to an unnecessary argument. It is important to take the time to define who is responsible for what and stick to this process. When bills simply come in the mail and pile up on the counter it can be easy to fight about who was supposed to pay what and when. By defining responsibilities up front you can reduce the chance of an argument over simple miscommunication.

Try to Reach Common Ground

Ultimately it can be very difficult to change spending or saving habits and even more difficult to discuss these issues with your spouse. No matter how hard it seems it will be worth it to find a common ground. This can not only lead to more healthy finances but can ultimately save a marriage.

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