Some of you might remember the old GenXFinance website were I shared financial advice and aspectes of my story when I was still married. Check out the old about me page here.

Join me now as I enter the next stage of life and help fathers reunite with their children and navigate high conflict divorce.

Long story short, I went from being in my childrens lives on a daily basis to not having any contact for six months and over three years of no contact with my oldest daughter as I was forced  into a high conflict divorce that I initially thought I could save. Being the peacemaking caregiver in my home it took me a while to wake up to the reality of what was going on as my once loving children were being used as weapons to hurt me. Initially I naively thought the professionals and the court would see what was happening and start doing what was right, what was best for my children. 

As things got worse I had attorneys, religious leaders, and even close friends telling me that I should just leave my children and go start over somewhere else. The advice and help I was getting from everyone around me seemed to be making everything worse. Through all my studying and sleepless nights of internet research I finally realized I needed to shift myself and the way I was approaching all of this. It was through coaching by people who had been through high conflict divorce and being rejected by their child that I was able to understand what had happened to my family. As this shift happened I was able to be the father my children needed through all the chaos they were unfairly put in the middle of.

In this new chapter of my life I am finding so much joy in helping others who find themselves where I once was. Through coaching and sharing the same parenting classes that helped me shift to this amazing place I now find myself in, I look forward to helping you get through what is in front of you. All children deserve a 50/50 relationship with their mother and father.