Amazon Prime Now Has iPad App for Instant Video Streaming

Amazon Prime Now Has iPad App for Instant Video Streaming

Good news for Amazon Prime members.  The service now has an Instant Videos app for the iPad.  You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go for no additional cost.  This is perfect for vacations and business trips.  Best of all, it’s a perk of having an Amazon Prime membership.  If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, all you have to do to get the app.  It’s free to download and here are some of the advantages Amazon lists about watching videos on your iPad.

  • Amazon Prime: Enjoy unlimited access to over 20,000 Prime Instant Videos.  Here’s What You Need to Know About Amazon Prime Membership.
  • Your Video Library: Rent and purchase videos.  You’ll find them available in Your Video Library on your iPad. Download them and watch them anytime without having an Internet connection.
  • Shop from Your iPad: Choose from 120,000 movies and TV shows by utilizing iPad’s Safari web browser. Purchases and rented videos show up in Your Video Library on your iPad instantly.
  • Your Watchlist: Your Watchlist helps you manage your movies and TV episodes.  Watch what you want now and save what you want to view later. You can add favorites easily and watch them when it’s convenient for you.

I’ve written in the past about how Amazon Prime members are given access to free loaner books as well.  Makes it well worth the price paid for the service if you ask me.  I don’t pay for cable and don’t even own a TV so Amazon Prime Instant Videos suits me fine.  I’m happy to be able to use my iPad because it’s lightweight and easy to travel with.  Whenever I have downtime on vacation, I like to watch a show or two before going to bed.  It’s one of the advantages of Amazon Prime membership and there’s no hidden costs.  Shipping services, access to the lending library, and instant video options are all included in the price.

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