Blue Sky from American Express® Review

Blue Sky from American Express® Review

Reward credit cards are nothing new, and American Express has been offering great rewards cards for years. But there is one card out there that just might be a little better than what you’re used to. A lot of people think of travel cards simply as something for a frequent flyer or business travelers, but that’s not so. Especially with this card.

No Annual Fee

Let’s start right from the top and with one of the most shocking benefits of the Blue Sky from American Express® card. There is no annual fee. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I know, it’s shocking. Most travel or airline cards have stiff annual fees, even if they do waive it for the first year. So if you don’t like annual fees, this card probably already has your attention.

Valuable Reward Points

Obviously, the next best thing is the rewards. Again, this is where the Blue Sky card differs from many of its peers.  As with most cards, you’ll receive one point for every dollar spent, but the key here is that Sky Points are worth a little more than many others.  With Sky Points you only need 7,500 points to earn $100 in rewards. That’s 1.33% on everything you purchase compared to the industry standard of 1%.

Travel Benefits

While points are important, it’s how you spend them that can make the difference between an average rewards card and a great rewards card. This is where American Express really outdoes the competition. They are known to have one of the easiest redemption systems and most extensive customer support ready to help you at the drop of a hat.

To start, there are no blackout dates. None. In addition, there are no airline restrictions. Those two items right there are worth getting the card, but there’s more. You aren’t required to book travel through a special website or even use American Express services. Instead, you can book through your own travel agent, through a discount travel site like Expedia, or however you want. All you have to do is first redeem your statement credits and then book your travel using your Blue Sky card. It’s that simple.

As if that wasn’t all, there are even more items you can use Sky Points on. It isn’t just airlines and hotels. In fact, you can also apply rewards to rental cars, train tickets, cruises, tours, and many other items.

Want even more benefits? You’re in luck. In addition to all of the above you’ll receive:

     Guaranteed Room – When you reserve your room with your American Express Blu Sky card, your room is guaranteed. It doesn’t even matter where you stay.

     Free Hotel Breakfast – While it doesn’t apply to all hotel chains, if you stay at a JW Marriott or Renaissance hotel, you get free breakfasts plus an additional $100 towards your next stay at one of their hotels.

     Rental Car Insurance – Rent a car with this card and get added protection for free.

     Free Extended Warranty – When you purchase items with your Blue Sky card you get additional warranty coverage automatically. In fact, American Express doubles the manufacturer’s warranty, up to an extra year.

This is probably one of my favorite reward cards in my wallet. It doesn’t get much better than having no annual fee, more valuable reward points, the ability to redeem travel points anywhere, and get all of the added protection at no additional cost. So what are you waiting for? 

Get Your Blue Sky from American Express® Card Today

  • Welcome Bonus: earn 7,500 points after you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months of Cardmembership – redeemable for a $100 statement credit.
  • Flexible Ways to Earn: earn 1 point for virtually every dollar you spend on eligible purchases.
  • Unlimited Travel Options: Travel with any airline, hotel, cruise, car rental and travel package – with no blackout dates.
  • Flexible Bill Payments: pay your bill all at once or over time.
  • Big Deals on Big Brands: Blue Savings Program® offers a range of discounts and extras at hotels, restaurants, retailers, and more.
  • No annual membership fee and 0% intro APR on purchases for the first 12 months, after that, your APR will be a variable rate, currently 17.24%- 22.24%.
  • Terms and Restrictions Apply

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