Angel Food Ministries and SHARE Provides Nutritious, Low-Cost Food to Everyone

Angel Food Ministries and SHARE Provides Nutritious, Low-Cost Food to Everyone

With our grocery dollars seldom going any farther than they used to, many households are hit with the dilemma of how to acquire food for less.  Organizations like Angel Food Ministries and SHARE offer viable solutions to individuals and families by providing monthly boxes of groceries for considerably less than what they sell retail.

Each website offers a different monthly menu as well as specialty items which can be picked up at a host site located in your community.   This can add up to big savings over the course of a year and makes a great way to supplement your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.

Do You Have to Be Low-Income to Participate?

Neither organization puts restrictions on your income level, so everyone is invited to participate in the program.  SHARE, however, does encourage its participants to volunteer in their cities in exchange for the lower priced grocery items.  This creates a “pay it forward” type of effect and makes stronger, sounder individuals and communities.

What Kinds of Items Can I Expect to Purchase on a Monthly Basis?

In addition to meat, fruits and vegetables, and dairy items, you will also receive other staples like pasta and rice.  The menu changes monthly and other packages can be purchased as well.  For example, Angel Food Ministries sells a Seafood Package and a Just 4 Me After School Box which includes convenience foods like corndogs, chicken fingers, and pizza.  It also has a Gluten Free Box for people with known allergies.

What Is the Average Cost of a Box of Food?

Generally speaking, $30 can buy you $60 worth of food.  That is a 50% savings.  Both groups accept Food Stamps as well as credit cards and can be paid for online.

My City Doesn’t Have a Host Site, What Can I Do?

You can set up your own host site through your church or organization if there is not another location near you.  Just email the group of your choice to find out more information about the process.

Good quality food can be acquired inexpensively without the use of coupons.  Groups like Angel Food Ministries and SHARE make it possible by buying food in bulk and divvying it up into individual boxes.  Take advantage of a growing trend and help support the organizations thoughtful enough to take a stand against hunger today.

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