Announcing the New Money Tips Network

Announcing the New Money Tips Network

In case you missed the announcement over on Wise Bread, there’s a new blog network and I’m proud to be a part of it. You’ll see the Money Tips badge on this site and others who participate. There are a lot of great blogs in the group and I’m sure you’ll find it as useful as I do

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Money Tips Network. We’re a new network that includes 13 of the most trusted personal finance blogs in the world.

Our Mission

Money Tips Network exists to provide you with honest and helpful money tips from the best personal finance blogs.

Real life money management tips for the people, by the people.

You know who we are. You know our struggles getting out of debt, what we did last weekend, and how we sometimes break our own frugality rules to treat ourselves. You trust us to share openly and honestly. We hold this trust to be sacred, and we’re always looking out for you.

Trust goes both ways — our readers trust us and we trust our readers.

We give you credit for being smart. We challenge the idea that finance is too complicated for people to understand. Money Tips Network bloggers love actionable, easy to follow tips that empower you to be your own financial consultant.

We know a preachy, one-size fits all philosophy doesn’t work in the real world. It’s your wallet, your life.  We want you to read our advice, throw in your thoughts and comments, and then apply it based on your own family’s needs.

Like you, the Money Tips Network bloggers come from vast and varied personal experiences.  But we share a common belief:

You can lead a better life by practicing smart money management. And we’re here to help.

Money Tips Network Members

MTN blogs collectively reach more than 5 million visitors a month and over 200,000 subscribers.  These blogs represent the best of what the personal finance blogosphere has to offer.

  1. Bargaineering – Written by Jim Wang, Bargaineering is a blog that chronicles his personal finance life. Jim is co-host of the Personal Finance Hour podcast with JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly.
  2. Consumerism Commentary – Created in 2003 by Flexo, Consumerism Commentary has been honored by Kiplinger as a must-read blog and named as one of Yahoo’s “Ten Money Blogs Everyone Should Read”.  Flexo runs the original (and still the best) PF blog aggregator, and recently started the Consumerism Commentary Podcast.
  3. Five Cent Nickel – Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around.
  4. Free Money Finance – This site is about one simple thing: growing your net worth.  The 5 Principles of Free Money Finance is a PF blog classic. Business Week says Free Money Finance “offers an inspiring mix of timeless investing wisdom and money-making ideas”.
  5. Generation X Finance – Jeremy Vohwinkle is the blogger behind Gen X Finance, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and the editor of’s Financial Planning section.
  6. Get Rich Slowly – Get Rich Slowly, recently named “most inspiring money blog” by Money magazine, is devoted to sensible personal finance.  JD Roth is the other half of  the Personal Finance Hour podcast.
  7. No Credit Needed – NCN started this blog in 2005 to track his debt reduction efforts, and has since been inspiring others in their debt reduction efforts. In addition to the blog, check out the No Credit Needed Network and the No Credit Needed Podcast.
  8. Squawkfox – Making frugal living sexy, delicious, and fun. “Fox” has a new book coming out in 3 weeks! 397 Ways to Save Money will help you spend smarter and live well on less.
  9. Stop Buying Crap – Despite the title, Cap doesn’t preach being cheap.  Stop Buying Crap is about understanding your unlimited wants and how you may fulfill it with your limited resources.
  10. The Digerati Life – You can always count on Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB) to churn out practical, comprehensive, and helpful advice about personal finance and small business.
  11. The Frugal Duchess – Miami Herald columnist Sharon Harvey Rosenberg offers a fun, frugal and fashionable way to save money & live well.
  12. The Simple Dollar – Trent Hamm is arguably the most respected personal finance blogger today. There’s a great new article on The Simple Dollar everyday, and Trent’s book reviews are legendary.  Get a copy of his recently published book, 365 Ways to Live Cheap: Your Everyday Guide to Saving Money, that helps you save money every day of the year.
  13. Wise Bread – That’s us!  A community dedicated to helping each other live large on a small budget.

What Now?

As of right now, you can visit the Money Tips Network homepage.  It aggregates the latest posts from MTN blogs and has profiles of members.  You can also subscribe to the Money Tips Network feed via RSS or email.  Be sure to check out each of the individual blogs and browse their invaluable archives.

If you’re a money blogger, check out the Bloggers Corner of the Wise Bread forums.  That’s where PF bloggers ask questions, swap stories, and share best practices all day long.  Come hang out with us.

We’ve got a slew of ideas to roll out in the coming months including guest posts on Wise Bread from MTN bloggers, roundups that gather the best financial advice, and product reviews to help make smart choices.  It all adds up to more of the best money tips for you so stay tuned!

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

My name is Jeremy Vohwinkle, and I’ve spent a number of years working in the finance industry providing financial advice to regular investors and those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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