Are You a Part of Generation X? If so, USA Today Wants to Talk to You

Are You a Part of Generation X? If so, USA Today Wants to Talk to You

If you fall somewhere in the demographic for Generation X, I have an opportunity for you. I’ve been talking with Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is writing an article for USA Today that discusses Generation X and their finances. I’ve shared a lot of my observations and information, but she also wants to have a peek inside the mind of other Gen Xers as well.

As a part of this generation, what financial challenges do you face? What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? How do you view retirement, and is it different than how your parents view it? Anything that relates to your finances or experiences may be helpful.

Update 4/10/2008

Due to the overwhelming response, Lynn is unable to take any additional requests. If you were nice enough to contribute to this story, thank you. Stay tuned, and I’ll update everyone when the story is published and available to read.

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

My name is Jeremy Vohwinkle, and I’ve spent a number of years working in the finance industry providing financial advice to regular investors and those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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