Don't Have Any Money Saved Up? Start Small and Make Saving Automatic

Create an Emergency Fund With Baby Steps It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that not having enough money saved up can pose a financial problem. We all know that saving money is important, but when times are tough and money is tight it feels like an impossible task. But the risk of […]

Chase Bank is Helping You Avoid Fees by Stating the Obvious

It may not come as a surprise that banks thrive off of fees, but I saw something interesting last week while logging into my Chase account. They had a little animated window pop up with 5 tips to help you avoid checking account fees. Hey, how nice of them. They are looking out for me […]

New Debit Card for Teens and Parents – The Discover Current Card

Discover Prepaid Debit Card Gives Parents More Control Are you a parent looking to give your teen access to money while still maintaining spending limits and control? Do you want a card that can help your teen learn how to be responsible with money? There’s a new debit card by Discover that can help with […]