When Hiring Happens It Will Be in Technology and Science

Tweet The job market is undergoing an irreversible transformation. The industrial revolution’s centuries-old propulsion of modern societal evolution is finally running out of steam. New technologies are replacing people as the components that drive forward movement. There’s no longer an endless supply of factory jobs and management careers for the billions of people alive on […]

What Drives Foreign Currency Exchange Markets

Tweet Currency exchange rates are one of the most important economic factors in determining a countries level of trade, and therefore, its level of economic health overall. Given the importance of these levels, it is not surprising that the foreign exchange market (FX) is one of the most actively traded, tracked, and analyzed markets on […]

How Low Interest Rates May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Tweet Negotiations are currently taking place on Capitol Hill and the American government is still at an impasse. No one knows if the government will find a resolution and extend the debt ceiling currently in place. The White House argues that unless the debt ceiling is raised, the government will no longer have the funds […]

3 Possible Market Bubbles on the Horizon

how does the stock market work

Tweet This is a guest post by The Financial Blogger: I’m working in the financial industry and I am specialized in personal finance. I’m always trying to find way to make money differently than receiving my pay check every two weeks. I recently hit a 6 figure income at the age of 28 and I am […]

Not Just Another Recession – How This Economic Crisis Stacks Up

Tweet This is a guest post by Philip of Weakonomics. Philip is a twenty-something that works for one of the largest banks in the United States. Weakonomics believes education is the most powerful tool to fix the economic problems we face. The educated consumer can avoid the bad financial services, thus making them unprofitable. The […]

Why the Recession Will Be Good for Us as a Country

Tweet Good Things Can Come From Difficult Economic Times How dare I make light of economic conditions that are forcing people out of work and out of their homes, but everything isn’t all doom and gloom with the recession. If you’ve lost your job recently, there is probably little optimism in thinking that the recession […]