Administration Brings Back One-Year Treasury Bill

Since 2001, we’ve had to do without the one-year treasury bill. The government was enjoying a nice surplus, so the need to raise money through the sale of treasury bills was not a high priority. As you know, times have changed. The surplus is gone, and we’re faced with a staggering budget deficit, and one […]

What the Presidential Elections Mean for the Economy and You

This is a guest post by Milk Your Money — a daily blog dedicated to helping it’s readers reach their financial goals by making smart everyday money decisions. Historic Economic Policy Beliefs Historically, Republicans have believed in policies that favor a free market. Policies that would in any way burden businesses from growing, innovating, or […]

Making Sense of the Recent Market Volatility

Over the past several weeks, the investment markets have experienced significant volatility. July and August, which are usually calm months, have instead been quite turbulent. Uncertainty surrounding the subprime mortgage market has resulted in a severe reduction in available liquidity, causing investment managers to sell securities ‒ often their highest quality holdings ‒ to raise […]

2nd Quarter 2007 Market Review

Yesterday I briefly discussed the broad economic indicators for the second quarter so today I want to go into a bit more detail and take a look at the overall performance and trends of the equity and bond markets. Capital Markets Review Virtually all major stock market indices ended the second quarter with strong positive […]

Economic Review: 2nd Quarter 2007

We have crossed the halfway point of the year and the second quarter has come to a close and overall the quarter was a rebound from what was happening in the tail end of the first quarter. The Dow Jones Industrials Average rallied and gained over 1,500 points in just two months before stabilizing in […]

1st Quarter 2007 Market Review

Today I want to expand on the broad economic analysis of the first quarter of 2007 that I brought up yesterday and go into a bit more detail in the specific performance of various aspects of the capital markets. Oil Prices The first quarter of 2007 saw a significant swing in oil prices. At the […]

Economic Review – 1st Quarter 2007

Some readers have shown interest in reading additional information in regards to the overall economy and investing in particular so I want to give a breakdown on the big picture on a quarterly basis. We will start with the first quarter of 2007. Today I want talk about some of the key market indicators and […]