How to Make a Will

using a will

How to Make a Will In 11 Steps While it may seem much easier just to let the legal system divvy up your funds (joke intended), more often than not, the assets wind up in probate and eventually claimed by an estate company or probate courts, which can turn into a nightmare. This can mean […]

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Finances

Help Your Aging Parents Before They Need Your Help If you have aging parents, you know the time will eventually come when you may be called upon to help with their finances. As we continue to extend our lives to 80 and beyond, there‚Äôs a better chance that the resources people put aside for retirement […]

A Reminder to Keep Your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date

When it comes to our investment accounts, one of the most overlooked aspects is the beneficiary form. In some cases, people don’t add a beneficiary at all, and in other cases, the information is outdated and the wrong people are listed on the account. Nobody likes to think about death, but the beneficiary information is […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death With a Trust

This week I have covered how the disposition of assets is handled by using a will and through contract and the operation of law. Finally, I want to briefly mention trusts. Since there are many different kinds of trusts and can be relatively complex, this is only a brief overview of what they are and […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death by Operation of Law or Contract

Yesterday I provided an overview of how you can use a will to assist in transferring assets upon your death, but there are still other methods to consider. When you assign beneficiaries in your will, it is typically for items that don’t have a separate beneficiary on file or are not covered by operation of […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death Through a Will

using a will

A will is a relatively simple document, but it can play an important role in assisting the transfer of assets upon death. While it is possible to draft your own will, most people have an attorney draft their will. Of course, using an attorney will usually necessitate a fee, but the benefit of getting an […]