Poll: How Much Money Do You Feel You'll Need to Save For Retirement?

In the discussion about income for life and annuities earlier this week a lot of interesting points were brought up. We all know that we need to save something for retirement, but just how much are people expecting to save? You hear all sorts of numbers thrown out there saying you need to have a […]

The Dow at 10,000 – Where Do We Go From Here?

The Dow is at 10,000. Big deal, right? After all, it is just a number, but there has been a lot of emphasis placed on this milestone recently. Why is the media obsessed over this number? It has been over a year since we’ve seen the market at these levels, so whether it is an […]

Poll: 47% of Households Will Not Owe Taxes in 2009 – Is That Fair?

I don’t think you can find a single person out there who enjoys paying taxes, but I encountered an interesting article on CNN this morning that said nearly half of all U.S. households will not owe any federal income tax for 2009. At first I thought I was reading it wrong or that they were […]

Poll: Should the 401(k) Contribution Limit be Reduced in 2010?

Not long ago we heard that for the first time in years Social Security beneficiaries won’t be receiving their annual cost of living adjustment. This means those who draw a monthly Social Security check won’t see an increase in 2010. A lot of people are understandably upset about this. While the cost of living adjustment […]

Poll: Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a House Right Now?

If you spend any time listening to the news, it’s no surprise that we’re still in the midst of a real estate slump. Certainly, ┬ásome areas have fared worse than others, but as a whole, most real estate values have dropped over the past few years. While this is bad news for those who are […]

Poll: Is the Economy Finally Recovering?

I think it’s funny how just a few months ago the media was still talking about how we’re on the brink of the next great depression and we’re setting the stage for the equivalent of an economic apocalypse, but fast-forward to today and all the news is glowing and painting a rosy picture. It’s amazing […]

Poll: How Are You Coping With the Recession?

We’ve all known for a while now that we’re in a recession. It doesn’t matter if you want to follow the exact definition of a recession or not, most of us are feeling the pain in this economy. From a struggling job market to poor investment returns, we’ve no doubt felt part of this recession […]

Poll: How Are You Saving For Your Child's Education?

If you have, or plan on having kids, how are you preparing for their education? College tuition continues to rise faster than the rate of inflation so parents need to plan ahead more than ever. How are you preparing to pay for their college education? Are you saving any money to help them out or […]

Poll: How Much of Your Net Monthly Income Goes Toward Vehicle Expenses?

Last week I wrote about how your car is making you poor. It has generated a good discussion so I wanted to expand on it a bit more and give everyone an opportunity to talk about how much they pay for their vehicles on a monthly basis relative to their income. It should be interesting […]

Poll: Have You Cut Out Cable or Satellite TV?

With the economy still in a slump and people looking for continued ways to save money, one of the first targets is cable or satellite TV. With monthly bills that can easily range anywhere from $40-$100/month, it’s no surprise that this is an area for savings. At the same time, many people are hooked on […]