Reader Question: I've Lost a Lot of Money in the Market. Should I Get Out?

I receive a number of emails each week from readers and I try to answer all of them the best I can, but occasionally I get questions from multiple people that ask the same thing. In those situations I like to address the question as a post which can hopefully help others who probably have […]

How Much Money Do I Need to Save For Retirement?

Calculating How Much Money You Need for Retirement Every so often I receive questions from readers. I try to answer them all directly, but occasionally a question comes up that is very broad and is one that more people are thinking about but not asking. Everybody wants to know how much they should be saving […]

Reader Question: I'm Investing Regularly, but How Do I Know if I'm Doing Well?

This question actually came in just before I wrote about using Morningstar to track your investments against an appropriate benchmark, but it is certainly worth answering for the benefit of others as well. Understanding what you should be comparing your investments to will give you a clear picture of how well you’re doing, and whether […]

Reader Question: I Can't Pay My Bills! What Bills Should I Pay First?

When times are tough and you can’t find the money to pay all of your expenses, where do you turn and how do you decide who gets paid? Of course, in a perfect world we would all have sufficient emergency funds to cover these types of situations, but many people are faced with this question […]

Reader Question: How Much Do I Need to Have Saved Up When I Retire?

I recently received this question via email and since it is probably the most asked question I receive at work as well I figured it would be a good idea to tackle it here. Everybody wants to know how much they should be saving and how large their account should be once they reach retirement. […]