2011 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

Sales tax is just one of those expenses we typically ignore. Every time we make a purchase the tax is just automatically added to the bill and since there’s nothing we can do about it’s easy to just forget about it or automatically factor it in. Plus, since often times we make just small purchases, […]

How to Pay Estimated Quarterly Taxes

For the self-employed or anyone who doesn’t have taxes automatically withheld from their paychecks it usually means paying estimated quarterly taxes. When you have taxes withheld the IRS is happy because they get part of your taxes due in regular installments. When you don’t have taxes withheld they still want their money and don’t want […]

How Not to Spend Your Tax Refund

If you’re like most Americans, you will be receiving a tax refund this year. If your refund is anywhere near the average it means you’ll be getting a few thousand dollars. No, really. The average tax return for the 2010 tax year is a little higher than usual and is $3,129 so far this year. […]

Last Minute IRA Tax Deduction

With just under two weeks before the tax filing deadline you probably think your 2010 tax picture is set in stone. For some of you that may be the case, but for many more there may still be some money on the table ready for the taking. It’s all about the IRA contributions. One of […]

Did You Move in 2010? How to Claim the Moving Expense Tax Deduction

You May be Able to Deduct Your Moving Costs Did you move during 2010 to relocate for work? If so, you may very well qualify for a nice tax deduction on your moving expenses. But don’t get too excited just yet, because there are a few restrictions. Even so, if you’re eligible for the deduction […]

Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud

Let’s face it. No one likes finding out that they owe money to the IRS come April. But for some Americans, tax payments will be the least of their worries this year when they learn that someone else has already filed taxes in their name. This type of tax fraud is a common result of […]

The Mortgage Tax Deduction Myth

Ask anyone what one of the major befits of buying a home is and you’re sure to hear many tout the benefits of the mortgage interest deduction. From your friends and neighbors to the financial gurus on TV, everyone urges you to buy a home for this sweet tax break. They can’t be wrong, can […]

TurboTax Online Giveaway

It’s tax time once again, and that means many of you are in the process of filing your tax returns. The IRS just started processing returns that were initially delayed due to the new tax laws, but now that everybody is eligible to file things are kicking into high gear. But before you rush off […]

How Does Getting Married Affect My Taxes?

Filing jointly vs. Separately Can Impact Tax Deductions and Credits You Receive I recently had a chance to speak with Leigh Mutert, a CPA and community manager for H&R Block, and I was hoping to get some expert tax advice to share for this coming tax season. One of the biggest changes most people encounter […]

Estimate Your Tax Refund With TurboTax TaxCaster Calculator

2013 Tax Calculator

A Tax Refund Estimate Calculator Are you wondering if you’re going to get a tax refund or maybe owe Uncle Sam this year? Well, instead of waiting until you completely go through your tax return you can plug in some numbers and get a rough estimate today. This can be especially helpful if you end […]