Creating a Budget Has Never Been Easier With This Easy To Use Worksheet

Creating a Budget Has Never Been Easier With This Easy To Use Worksheet

Budget WorksheetWhen it comes to budgeting, taking the initial step to actually sit down and begin the process is typically the hardest. Thinking about all of your bills, expenses and sources of income can be overwhelming at first. I have stumbled across a great worksheet you can use that will make this process very easy to do.

This worksheet came from the Michigan State University Public Extension and is six pages long. The first page pictured to the left starts by determining income sources and frequency as well as debts owed. Next the worksheet has a blank calendar you can use to mark dates when bills are due and flag occasional large expenses. Page three provides detail for your specific fixed expenses, both planned and then actual. This will allow you to determine if you are paying more than you thought for certain expenses. Finally the plan finishes off with tables to calculate controllable expenses, things such as clothing, transportation, furnishings and gifts. These sheets can be printed out on a monthly basis so you can track these expenses and find opportunities to save. Finally there is a summary of spending for the month which gives you a snapshot of your monthly finances: how much you spent, how much you made and your bottom line.

Managing Your Money Worksheet – PDF (160KB)

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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