Day One of the Problogger "Top 5" Group Writing Project

Day One of the Problogger "Top 5" Group Writing Project

Yesterday I wrote and submitted a post about the top 5 ways to become a millionaire for the Problogger group writing project. So far after just one day there have been over 130 submissions, some of which are just great. If you have a blog you still have time to create a submission and there is a $1,001 cash prize on the line. While I haven’t had time to read every entry there were a few that caught my eye. So, here are my top 5 day one submissions of the top 5 group writing project that I happened to read in no particular order:

5 Gifts for Mom That Will Never Go Out of Fashion by Grad Money Matters

Top 5 Reasons Boys Are Better Than Girls by Raising 4 Boys

5 Tips for Running a Successful Online Giveaway by Meta Best Blog Win

The Top 5 Blogs at the End of 2007 Will Be… by Everybody Go To

Top 5 Healthy Relaxation Techniques by Parapsychology articles and blog

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