Eight Steps to Better Health Insurance

Eight Steps to Better Health Insurance

Last week I had made a post in regards to open enrollment season, but just today David Bach of The Automatic Millionaire wrote an article covering this very subject. He goes into a bit more detail in regards to some of the different health insurance options available, which is a confusing area for many people. It is definitely worth a look.

He also provided some good links for more information.

The choices can be complex, but don’t be alarmed. Instead, get the facts. For full details on the different types of plans, check out these helpful web sites:

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • HealthInsurance.info
  • Plan for Your Health
    While you’re there, check out the free book you can order called Navigating Your Health Benefits for Dummies.

Eight Steps to Better Health Insurance

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