Five Ways I Plan To Save Money in February

Five Ways I Plan To Save Money in February

Now that January has passed and Christmas has been paid for, I’m sticking to my guns and tightening my belt.  There are a lot of areas of my life where I can save.  For February, I am sticking to five: Cable, Cell Phone, Lunch, Coupons, and Impulse Shopping.

Although I like to think that I’m a fairly frugal person, I learn something new every day.  Here are my goals for February:

1. Continue to Use Hulu in Place of Cable. When I moved into my new house, I couldn’t justify spending $50+ a month for something I seldom used.  All of the programs that I ordinarily watch can be found on Hulu or on CBS and sense I spend so much time on the internet already, it doesn’t bother me to watch TV from my laptop.  I still, from time to time, rent movies from Redbox using free codes.

2. Turn My iPod Into a Phone to Place and Receive Calls. Long before an article titled To reduce wireless bills, some try an ‘iPod phone’came out on CNN, I was trying to find a way to make the iPod application, TextFree with Voice, work for me.  I love having the option to send free texts to all of my friends and family members and was really excited when Pinger announced the Voice feature.  I have my very own local number and with a headset with microphone and internet connection, I can make and receive calls anytime I want.  I also like the Skype application for this reason.  I am going to use these in place of Boost Mobile starting this month.

3. Bring My Lunch to Work Every Day. Although I follow this rule frequently, I am going to adamantly insist on packing my lunch daily.  I work outside the home five days a week which amounts to nearly 240 days a year.  At $5 a lunch, this will save me $1,200 or more a year.  Besides that, I have more control over portion size and the types of food that I am eating.  I can nosh on real treats like Stuffed Grape Leaves and Hummus without the cost of fine dining. 

4. Develop a System for Couponing. I hit some really good sales.  In fact, just a few days ago, I went to Walgreens and ended up paying $1.50 for over $24 worth of products.  Best of all, they handed me a coupon for Register Rewards for $5.  That means that I made over $3.50 for taking these items on the shelf!  How can you beat that?  I only stumble across these deals every few months.  I want to develop the type of system that allows me to take advantage of this type of savings every time I shop.

5. Make Use of What I Have Versus Buying Anything New. I had a great Christmas!  I got more than I expected.  Now, it’s time to use these items to the fullest.  Before I make another purchase, I want to make sure that I really need the item in question.  That means that I need to read every book in my library before shelling out another dime to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I need to make a thousand pair of earrings before I buy another package of beads.

I’m excited to report back on my progress at the end of this month.  If you have any suggestions on how to make the things on my list easier, please share.  The only way to learn something is to experience it yourself.

Author: Charissa

Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.

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