Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Free Stuff On Your Birthday

free stuff on your birthday

The Top Ten Freebies You Can Score on Your Birthday This Year

Happy Birthday!  Yes, we all hear this on our own special day but how many of us really indulge because of the occasion?  What if I told you that you could score all sorts of free stuff on your birthday just by signing up for mailing lists online?

Yes, you heard that right!  You can celebrate your birthday in style without spending a dime. From food, to coupons to your favorite retailers, you get all kinds of fun things on your special day.  So go ahead and enjoy yourself!  After all, you deserve it.  I’m going to list a few of the things you can get while out and about. Also be sure to check out the freebies on your birthday I have talked about in the past.

free stuff on your birthday


Most places will recognize your birthday if you tell them and some will want to see a form of ID.  That’s ok unless you don’t like your driver’s license photo (Who does?).  Some places give you free meals while others give you free desserts.  Some Internet favorites include:

Applebee’s: -Sign up to receive their email updates and you’ll get a free treat on your birthday.

Baskin Robbins: – Join their email club and receive a free ice cream on your birthday.

Black Angus Steakhouse: – Join their Prime Club and receive a free steak dinner (with purchase of a second entrée) on your first birthday as a member.

Denny’s: – Join their rewards club to receive a free Grand Slam on your birthday (includes two eggs, two slices of bacon, two sausage links and two pancakes).

Famous Dave’s: – Join the Be a P.I.G. (Pretty Important Guest) Club and receive something free on your birthday.

That’s just a few of the many that will give you a free meal, entrée, or dessert. If it isn’t your birthday and still want to save some money while dining out be sure to check this article out.  But, keep in mind that it isn’t just restaurants that give you free things on your birthday.  Retailers like to give coupons and discounts as well.  I’ll list off a few that I think are worth looking into.


You love to shop and who doesn’t at times?  What better time to do just that than on your special day.  Put that coupon or discount to good use this year.  I know I love seeing how far I can make my gifts stretch.

ACE Hardware: -Sign up for ACE Rewards and get a $5 off coupon on your birthday.

American Eagle Outfitters: -Sign up for AERewards and get 15% off during your birthday month.

CVS: -Register for a CVS ExtraCare Card and get $3 in ExtraCare Bucks every year on your birthday.

Disney: – Register for Disney Movie Rewards and you’ll receive a credit for a free Blu-ray movie on your birthday.

Aveda: -Become a member of and get a free gift every year on your birthday.

As you can see there are many things you can get for free for your birthday so why not take advantage of all the great freebies being offered?  Now go enjoy that annual celebration and everything the day brings.  After all, it only comes once a year!

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