Get a Free Educational DVD on Exchange-Listed Options

Get a Free Educational DVD on Exchange-Listed Options

A few weeks ago I went to and ordered their free DVD on options to see what it had to offer. It finally arrived in the mail this weekend so I decided to take a look at what it had to offer. This DVD will help even the basic investor understand:

  • Basic options terminology – calls, puts, strike price, premium, expiration
  • How exchange-listed options are traded
  • A quiz to test your options knowledge
  • How to use the Options Investigator, another free, hands-on tool that will get you focused on options

It’s Good to Have Options is hosted by Terry Savage, a nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times columnist and a regular television commentator on CNN, CNBC, PBS and NBC. She has written four best-selling books about personal finance and is a registered investment advisor. In this DVD, she poses questions to a panel of options industry professionals, including an OIC Help Desk specialist, OIC instructors, and a journalist who routinely reports on financial markets.

This DVD is put together very nicely and covers most basic information on options very well. If you are new to options, or would like to learn more I would recommend this free video. It is no substitute for understanding option strategies provided by a comprehensive options book, but this is a great place to start.

I am a big fan of options once you begin investing above and beyond your standard retirement account due to the many great hedging strategies and leverage they provide. I will be discussing options and the role they can play in your overall investment portfolio sometime in the future. Until then, I would take a look at the broad overview provided by this DVD.

Free Options DVD

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

My name is Jeremy Vohwinkle, and I’ve spent a number of years working in the finance industry providing financial advice to regular investors and those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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