Get Paid to Do What You Love

Get Paid to Do What You Love

If money wasn’t a factor, would you remain in the same profession that you currently are in or would you do something different?  Would you take that jewelry making business that you started on the side and turn it into something spectacular? Would you travel for pleasure instead of business? Would you enlist the help of your family and friends to get that restaurant that you always dreamed of started?

The answers you have to these questions will tell a lot about you. Chances are you’re a passionate person with a lot of really big ideas. Unfortunately, somewhere down the road to the life that you wanted, you realized you needed money to pay your bills. If the job that you’re currently working at is less than satisfying, consider making a bold move. Try getting paid to do a job that you love!

I know, I know. How can I even suggest such a thing in today’s economy? The cold hard truth is this. You only have one life to live, my friends. If you get stuck in a rut and never push yourself to do something better, you’ll have some major regrets once you get to retirement. Slowly explore different income earning avenues and then plan your escape. You may not be able to leave your job right away but you’ll take the steps necessary to be ready to do so eventually.

Here’s a few things to think about:

  • The Small Business Administration offers grants and loans. Check out the requirements here: If you’re looking to acquire funds to get started, this may be one of your best choices. Sure, you don’t want to borrow money for the sake of borrowing, but if a little capital can get your idea going it may be worth it.
  • Intuit awards up to $50,000 in Hiring Grants to deserving business owners. If you already own a business but want to expand, Intuit offers grants. You have to be nominated first but that only takes minutes to do and you can even put your own name in the running for the grant. To learn more about the program, visit
  • Moonlight or freelance if you have to. It’s sometimes necessary to get your feet wet before plunging head first into a new endeavor. If you want to see how well your custom pendants sell, try listing them on Etsy in your spare time. If you want to see if your catering business is going to take off, schedule events on the weekends when you’re off from your full-time job. Nobody said you have to throw caution into the wind and take a huge risk.
  • Find ways to turn your passion into multiple streams of income. Are you an expert on a subject? Why not teach classes, sell ebooks, and mentor all at the same time? This gives you a chance to explore different financial avenues and gives you extra income on the side as well. Once you’re ready to leave the workforce to pursue your own dreams, you’ll be very prepared. Remember, it’s easier to find ten ways to make $100 a month than to find one way to make $1,000 a month.

Although finding a job that you love requires patience, it is worth its weight in gold. Being able to find more time to spend with your loved ones, perfect your craft, and engage in meaningful activity is often enough to pique your interest. If you’re happy where you’re at, I tip my hat to you. If you want to explore a different option than the one you’re already involved with, I’m here to help.

Author: Charissa

Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.

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