How to Get Free Redbox Rentals

A Few Different Ways to Get Free Redbox Rentals

Who doesn’t love a free movie rental from time to time? I do and that’s what makes Redbox so enticing. Not only do I see a kiosk when I pass by the supermarket, drug store or neighborhood McDonald’s (there are 27,000 Redbox locations nationwide), the selection of titles to choose from usually appeal to every member of my family. Seldom do I find myself saying, “I’ve seen every movie being offered.” I also like the fact that you can reserve titles in advance.

Here are a few ways that you can get free Redbox rentals:

  1. Reserve a title online. Pick it up and watch it. Return it to a kiosk. Receive a code for a free rental on your next visit.
  2. Sign up for texts. If you have unlimited text messages, consider signing up to Redbox updates via your mobile phone. From time to time, the company sends you a free rental code good for one day only. Text REDBOX to 727272 to get exclusive freebies & deals!
  3. Follow Redbox on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, follow Redbox for upcoming new releases and free rental codes. Just type Redbox into the search field and click on the button to follow the company’s tweets.
  4. Become a fan of the company on Facebook. “Like” Redbox and the company’s posts will show up on your wall. Pay close attention to announcements because codes are often posted this way. In fact, right now they have an offer where you get one free rental just by liking their Facebook page.
  5. Pay attention to special offers at your local grocery store or supermarket. Catalina coupons are the coupons that are printed along with your receipt at the register. From time to time, you will receive free Redbox rental codes for purchasing specific products from sponsors. Not too long ago, I made my monthly grocery purchases and received a Catalina coupon with four free rental codes. That’s one free rental a weekend for a month!

For less than the price of a Dollar Menu item, you and your closest friends can enjoy an entertaining evening. Spend a few moments getting to know the Redbox website which is located at Make sure to sign up for alerts and follow the company on the different social media networks. This ensures that you never miss a free movie rental.

With the average movie ticket costing between $8 and $12, doesn’t it make sense to watch movies from home? Sure you have to wait a few months for them to be released on DVD but a free movie from Redbox beats $100 worth of tickets and refreshments. In fact, for that kind of money, a large family could watch a movie, make homemade pizza, enjoy unlimited snacks, and still have money left over. It makes sense to me and that’s why I continue to be a fan of Redbox.

Author: Charissa

Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.


I love DVD redbox, too. Even without the discounts, $1 for a movie is great and oftentimes if you want to rent a second one it's only an additional 50 cents. Not bad at all! Definitely a cheaper alternative to going to the theater. We also use Netflix a lot where for 8 bucks we can watch all the movies we want for a month without having to pick up or drop of DVDs.


With a "night out" costing upwards of $50 if we see an IMAX 3D, free movies are a godsend! Even if you don't use the texts, it's still nice to know you have the option.