How to Start Your Own Business With No Money

How to Start Your Own Business With No Money

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Ever wondered how to start your own business with no money, or very little money? The cost of starting a business can be astronomical but it does not have to be. Looking back on some of the other articles covered here, like how to start your own business and how to start a business with no money it seems like we have a bit of a theme here. Very few new entrepreneurs have an endless stream of credit or cash at their disposal.  With this in mind, how can you build a business from the ground up next to nothing?  It’s not easy for most people, especially if you lake the characteristics of an entrepreneur, but it is possible.

With the Internet as your guide, here are some low cost ways to meet your business’ needs:

  1. Design a free website.  Use a website like  You can easily personalize the different templates on the site to meet your needs.

  2. Build your social media following.  Make,,,, and Google Plus as platforms to build your business upon.  If you don’t know much about social media marketing, pick up a book.  You’ll learn very quickly how valuable social networking is.

    how to start your own business with no money

  3. Create low cost business cards.  Use companies like VistaPrint or Moo to create attractive promotional materials.  Sign up for the mailing list on each site and take advantage of specials like free shipping.

  4. Trade services and/or product with other businesses.  Craigslist is a great place to go and barter for your needs.  Make sure to get an agreement in writing before delivering your end of the deal.  This will prevent you from having any misunderstandings in your exchange.

  5. Don’t be afraid to buy things secondhand.  You’d be surprised how many items you can find at yard sales, auctions, thrift stores, and through retailers like Amazon.  You can find furniture, computer hardware and software, office supplies, and more at discounted prices if you look hard enough.

  6. Ask for referrals.  Word-of-mouth advertising is effective and free.  Offer some type of incentive for referrals.  Your customers will love receiving an extra discount on your products or some type of free service for helping spread the word about you and your business.

  7. Take advantage of free learning.  Sign up for free classes through CreativeLive, iTunesU, and the Small Business Administration.  Learn something new and fine-tune the skills you already have.  The more you have to offer the more your business will stand out.

  8. Work from home.  If you use a space exclusively as your office, you can write it off on your taxes.  You’ll also save money on gas, clothing, and meals out because you can work in the clothes you already own and eat the food you prepare in your own kitchen versus paying for lunch each day.

  9. Hire freelancers on an as needed basis.  Rather than start out with a full staff, see what kinds of jobs can be done by Independent Contractors.  You can utilize their services when you need them and save yourself the cost of full-timers until you can afford to hire them.

When searching for how to start a business with no money it sometimes takes a lot of creativity and guts but it has been done. Apply the tips listed above and make your start-up successful.   A little creativity can help a small budget go a long, long way.

How have you saved money starting your business?

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