How To Throw a Moroccan Theme Party

How To Throw a Moroccan Theme Party

moroccan theme party

How to Throw an Authentic Moroccan Themed Party on a Budget

Everyone loves a good party. We have talked about tailgate parties and Super Bowl parties in the past here on Gen X, now it is time for a theme party.

Morocco is a curious blend of sights, sounds and smells. From the mystique of its capital city, Rabat, to the beaches of Sidi Rbat and Quemada, travelers from around the world enjoy everything that the North African country has to offer.

You won’t have to go far to get to know Morocco. In fact, this journey, although passport- free, reaps many rewards. From selecting decorations to choosing music and making authentic Mint Tea, all you can satisfy your wanderlust without ever stepping foot outside your front door.

Grab hold of your Caftan and prepare to transform your living space into a virtual wonderland of excitement. A few simple, inexpensive touches will make your Moroccan Theme Party as authentic as the streets of Fes.

Pre-Party Planning

Before getting involved with all the formalities, first come up with a guest list. Depending on the size of your living space, you may want to limit yourself to a few of your closest friends.

Choose stationery that reflects your theme. My Expression sells 10 packs of their Moroccan Mystery Invitations for $12.95. Purchase a package or two and print out party details at home for significant savings.

Decide what kind of food that you want to serve.  To get better acquainted with Moroccan cuisine, visit or RecipeSource. A variety of fresh and aromatic finger foods are easy to prepare and are highly nutritious.  You won’t have to worry about blowing your diet on things like Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes and Aubergine and Tahini Dip. Also check out this pulled pork crock pot recipe, it is great at all parties.

Select ultra-light,  brightly colored fabrics to use as table runners and backdrops for your joyous celebration.  Jewel tones seem to work best. Choose gold charms to accent candles, cloth napkins and glasses.  Locate a Moroccan Teapot and Glasses to use to make Mint Tea.

Purchase Henna supplies from a specialty store or online and visit this site for inspiration.

Download authentic Moroccan music. Choose songs that are very upbeat and rhythmic. Borrow a Bellydancing DVD from your local library. (You will play this in the background while you prepare to serve food and drinks.)

The Big Day

Set up your living room as colorfully as possible. Drape fabric over chairs, across tables and curtain rods.  Set up your centerpieces, table settings and napkins and adorn them with sheer ribbon, pieces of hammered metal and gold charms. Tiny mirrors can be glued to candles and votives to give them a unique look. Oversized pillows and cushions in rich colors become makeshift seats for your company.

Play your mix of music as you prepare Moroccan dishes and boil water for the tea. Once everything is ready, put the appetizers and entrees on a colorful platter and in large bowls and put them on a second table for the guests to help themselves.

Mix up the Henna paste according to the directions. After everyone has eaten their fill, start applying the Henna to guest’s hands or feet by following the instructions listed on the Henna Page.

moroccan theme party

Encourage your partygoers to try their hand at Bellydancing. Pop in the DVD and see who can shimmy and shake the best. Award a beautiful scarf or pair of Moroccan earrings to the winner.

Thank everyone for coming and encourage them to share their pictures of the event with you.

Fun for All Ages

The power of a worthwhile trip abroad can do wonders to lighten your load and make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.  Without spending extra money on plane tickets and cab fare, you can take a trip around the world by simply inviting your closest friends over to share the experience with you at your Moroccan theme party.

What are some unique theme parties you have had?


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