Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Tree For those of you who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Hopefully you have some time set aside to spend with your loved ones and can share gifts, good food, and good times. Hopefully your holiday break starts off better than mine. On Saturday that nasty winter storm came through the midwest and we experienced winds of over 70 mph. Some minimal damage to our house, but we lost power for over 24 hours. Since we had no heat, we had to rearrange our travel plans and barge in on relatives a day early.

Even so, I look forward to some relaxation while stuffing myself with a ton of great food while spending time with the family and I hope you can do the same.

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

My name is Jeremy Vohwinkle, and I’ve spent a number of years working in the finance industry providing financial advice to regular investors and those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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