NURU Personal Finance Cards: A Review and Giveaway

NURU Personal Finance Cards: A Review and Giveaway

NURU Personal Finance Cards

Do you get bored reading personal finance books? Is your attention span too short to be bothered with reading for a half hour just to learn a relatively simple concept? Well, the NURU Personal Finance cards may be perfect for you. This deck of 28 cards is designed to help you learn about the most important aspects of personal finance in a short amount of time. Instead of spending a lot of time reading about finance issues that may not be all that important to you, you can focus on the topics that really matter.

The purpose of these personal finance cards is to give you the knowledge you need to make strong, smart financial decisions and to take control of your financial future. I received a few packs of these cards last week so I wanted to take a look at what they offer and see just how useful they may be. So, let’s take a look.

The Cards

nuru The pack of cards come in a nice little package similar to any deck of cards. In this case, there are 28 cards instead of 52. What’s great about these cards is that there is a small hole punched in the top corner of all the cards, and included with the pack is a metal ring that you can attach them too. This will prevent them from getting lost or separated. Once you break into the packaging, the top card is a brief set of instructions that outline what the cards talk about, how they are organized, and the built in reference system.

The reference system itself is pretty nice. As you’re reading the cards, you’ll occasionally encounter a number in a box next to a term or concept. This reminds you to check out the information on that card number for additional information. This makes it easy flip through the deck and touch on all of the important terms relating to the card you’re currently reading.

The deck is organized into 7 different categories:

  1. Essential Vocabulary
  2. Personal Planning
  3. Investing
  4. Loans
  5. Retirement Vehicles
  6. Credit
  7. Insurance

The instructions stress that you should take advantage of the 3-5 minute periods of downtime in your day to review a card, thus imparting the knowledge into your brain. Not a bad idea if you ask me. What would you rather do, sit and click refresh a few times on a website or check your email for the 248th time for the day, or pull out one of these cards and reinforce an important aspect of personal finance in your head?

As an added bonus, each deck has a unique registration number so you can register your cards online. By registering your cards you’ll gain access to digital copies of your cards on the NURU website, exclusive financial tips and tools, and discounts on their other products.

The Verdict

After spending some time flipping through the deck and checking out the topics and information, I’d say these cards do their job well. The information is succinct and sticks with a lot of terms and concepts that are useful in your life. Since the topics are on the basic side, these cards will have the greatest impact on younger people or those who have limited knowledge in finance. Even if you’re a seasoned personal finance veteran, there are some good reminders.

I see the NURU Personal Finance cards as a perfect gift for a high school student or grad. They may not be willing to read an entire book on personal finance, but they may certainly flip through this deck and pick up a few nuggets of wisdom. But at just $10, they are an inexpensive and fun way to really help you or someone else learn about finance.

Enter the Contest to Win Your Own Deck

Would you like to get your hands on one of these? I’m going to give two of these decks away which are pictured below. Entering is simple, and you have three different ways to enter. With three ways to enter, you may be eligible for three entries into the contest.


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The first way to enter is to sign up for the new Generation X Finance newsletter. All you have to do is add your name and email address to the form below and confirm your subscription. Each confirmed subscription will count as one entry. The newsletter goes out every few weeks and contains some exclusive material you may not otherwise find on the site, a heads up on upcoming contests and events, and other deals from around the web.

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Leave a Comment

Finally, you can simply leave a comment on this post for an entry. Share what you’d do with the cards if you win, or say anything you want for a chance to win. It doesn’t matter, and each valid comment will count as an entry.

Contest Rules

The rules are simple. A maximum of one entry with each of the above methods for a total of 3 entries per person. Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST on Friday, March 13th. I’ll then assign each entry a number and use a random number generator to select two winning entries. You need to use a valid email address so that you can be contacted in the event your entry was selected. Must be located in the U.S. or Canada and be able to provide a mailing address.

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