Poll: Do You Use Coupons When Grocery Shopping?

Poll: Do You Use Coupons When Grocery Shopping?

The news continues to showcase stories of people having trouble with the rising food prices, and one common theme that is showing up is the use of coupons. Unfortunately, the media usually uses a headline with words like creative ways or resorting to when talking about the measures people take to save money. These almost always include something as simple as using coupons.

Have we really gotten to a point where people thought negatively of using coupons and that having to “resort to” using them is a sacrifice or bad thing to be seen doing? I just find it odd that people might easily wait to buy something until it goes on an advertised sale, but the thought of clipping out a small piece of paper to save money is something out of the ordinary.

That being said, we are not avid coupon users. While I do flip through the weekend paper to see if there is anything we might be able to use, I generally only find a useful coupon or two every few weeks. But I’ve heard some talk about coupon websites where people can print off their own. I haven’t really looked into this, but I’m sure a lot of you know about, or have used these sites in the past. If you know of any, please share in the comments below. Otherwise, the poll is simple: do you use coupons or not?


Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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