Poll: Do You Use Coupons?

Poll: Do You Use Coupons?

Coupons have been around forever, but it sometimes takes a economic crisis like we have today to get people to start using them. On the other hand, many people have been using coupons long before we entered a recession. So, where do you stand? Have you been a coupon user all along or has the recession led you to begin using them? Or do you simply find them not worth the trouble and don’t use them at all?

For me, I use coupons if I stumble across one that is for something I know I’ll need but rarely do I actively sit down and cut out coupons on a regular basis. For one, the only daily newspaper that we have delivered is the Wall Street Journal and you won’t find any coupons in there. Another prohibiting factor is that our grocery store doesn’t print their own in-store coupons. Instead, they just have some killer weekly sales and I typically just base my shopping around the sales. But one area we have really took to coupons is with baby items. Baby food, formula, diapers, etc. You just can’t go without coupons for those things, and most of the time you get those coupons sent directly to you in the mail.

That being said, I wonder where people go for coupons if they don’t get them in their weekly newspaper? Surely there are some online sites that have some, but I’ve never really paid much attention. So, if you want to share your coupon experiences in the poll and comments it could help people like me who wouldn’t mind using more coupons but just doesn’t know where to look.

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Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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