Poll: With Gas Prices Increasing, How Much is it Affecting You?

Poll: With Gas Prices Increasing, How Much is it Affecting You?

The US national average for gasoline has increased around 55 cents per gallon from one year ago. Even so, prices are still a bit lower than they were back in May of 2007, but experts are predicting the price to continue increasing. There is a lot of discussion about what effect this has on the average person, so I’m curious to see what others are feeling. I know in my situation, about a year ago it cost me about $35 a week for my car. Last fall, it was running about $38, and my last week’s cost was just shy of $40.

So, that is roughly $2-$5 more per week than what I was typically paying in 2007. While it certainly doesn’t break the bank, it doesn’t go completely unnoticed. I sure wouldn’t want to increase my commuting distance or have a car has worse gas mileage though. So, what does the increasing cost of gas mean for you?


Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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