Resume Writing Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Resume Writing Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

I recently graduated college and had to interview with multiple companies. Before I even got to the interview, my resume was looked at by multiple managers. I remember one interview where the first thing the manager asked about was a misspelling. I was embarrassed but thankfully I had a revised copy on me where I had edited it. This goes to show how much potential employers look at your resume.  Every line is read and they are looking for the smallest thing so they can pick someone better than you.

Along the way, I’ve picked up some resume tips that might help you. There are tips to set you out from the rest, not just general tips. Use these and you’ll be golden.

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1. Always place your resume goal above the fold

I’ve seen resumes where people place their goals at the bottom of the resume. Your goal should be the first thing an employer reads. If you have a strong goal, the employer is keyed in mentally to this and will consider your other resume information against that goal. It’s also a chance for the employer to scope out your writing talent.  Although this goal is short and sweet, it really does tell an employer a lot about who you are as a person.

2. Use descriptive keywords and focus on your achievements

NEVER use general words for your resume. Only use “intelligent” words that will grab the employer’s attention. Also, focus on your achievements at previous employers. Avoid listing skills that you learned. For example, if you helped save $25,000 in the marketing department, note this achievement on your resume! This is your time to shine, it’s OK to boast.

3. Keep it clean and simple, make it easy for the interviewer

I remember comparing resumes and most looked so busy! Don’t information stuff your resume. If you really have to go to two pages, that’s fine. Just don’t attempt to try to decrease the font size. It’s better to reduce the information on your resume and make it easy for the potential employer to find your information. A clean resume is the best kind of resume!

4. Focus on your work experience

Too many people (including myself) have focused on what I like to call “side issues.”  There are topics that employers couldn’t care less about. For example, I used to put the church I went to and that I enjoyed snowboarding.  A big no-no!  Never do this. Instead, focus on your work experience and what you did for previous employers. An employer only cares about how you’re going to benefit their company. It sounds shallow but it’s very true.

5. Use heavy stock paper

Yes, yes, it may sound cliche, but you’d be surprised at how effective this is.  Using heavy stock paper tells a potential employer two things. One, you really want the position. And two, you went out of your way to set yourself apart from the rest. Employers aren’t looking for sheep. They are looking for leaders who are not afraid to be themselves and be different.

Use these tips to create your next beautiful resume.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Comment below with your favorite resume tips!

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