Saving Money on Winter Energy Bills

Saving Money on Winter Energy Bills

As a budget conscious consumer, you might be wondering how you can save money on your energy bills this winter. There are a variety of methods that you can use to save money on your energy bill and with a little creativity you can do it. What does it take to succeed? Follow some of these tips, and you will see a major difference.

Guard Your Thermostat:

Technically, your thermostat is one of the biggest money drains in the house, and you can save a fortune if you know how to use it strategically. For example, during the nighttime turn your thermostat down to about 60 degrees. There is no sense in heating a home when you are not even awake. At that point, most people are covered with blankets, so it would not make much of a difference to turn the thermostat down. When you leave your home, that is another good time to turn down the heat in your home; since you will not be home, it would be a waste of money to heat an empty house. It is better to dress cozy in your home than to always turn up the heat in your home as well. This helps to keep your heating bill down, and always remember this motto: Nothing feels as good as saving money.

Saving Money on Energy Bill

Close Doors and Vents To Rooms Not In Use:

Not all rooms in the home need to be heated because you are only using a couple of them at a time. It will cool down the room that has the door closed, but it will reduce the price on your heating bill. The same goes for the fireplace. If you want to save money on your heating bill, then keep the fireplace damper closed as much as possible because there is a great deal of heat that is lost through the fireplace damper. Also, if you have any excessive windows or excessive doors that you do not need, then putting plastic wrap on the windows or doors could save you money on your heating bill. Sealing up any cracks with silicone ensures that no cold air can get into your home, or you could also put plastic over them as a temporary fix.

Work On Your Electricity Bill:

Lighting is responsible for around 12 percent of the average person’s energy bill. Fluorescent  and LED lighting is one way that you can reduce the energy that your home is using. If you can find one of these bulbs with the energy star approval, then you will be ahead of the game. If you want to save money on electricity in an easy way, then simply unplugging your power cords is a simple way to save money. The Department of Energy has stated that 40% of people’s energy bill is due to items being plugged in while not in use.

Let The Heat Escape From Your Oven:

After you are done cooking food, one thing that many people fail to do is leave their oven door open a crack, and let the heat escape from the oven into your home. This heats up your home with energy that was being used anyway. That is being resourceful, and your energy bill will thank you.

Open Your Curtains:

Another simple way to save money on your heating bill is to open your curtains and allow for the sun to shine into your home. This will naturally heat up your home. Direct sunlight shining into your home will drastically warm up your home and save you money on your heating bill. Keep in mind that this is the polar opposite of what you would want to do if you are trying to save money on your summer utility bills.

What does it take to successfully save money on your winter energy bills? Saving money on your winter energy bills takes a commitment to doing the small things. Saving money is about being resourceful and many of the tips above have been simple, yet resourceful ways to save money on your winter energy bills.

What are some other ideas you have for saving money on winter energy bills?

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