Hi I’m KC Beavers, a family reunification coach and consultant. I work with parents who have lost a relationship with their children, spent thousands of dollars on legal fees and therapeutic interventions that have not worked, reunite with their children, and dramatically reduce and oftentimes eliminate the conflict with their high conflict ex. Do you want to save money on legal fees and learn how to keep your family out of court?

What makes coaching with me so unique and successful is that I understand the dynamics of losing a relationship with a child personally. I have been through the court process of fighting off false allegations and establishing 50/50 custody with a high conflict ex. I have personally had to learn how to better respond as my children were used as weapons against me. 

I teach parents how to create a child centered communication even when they are dealing with a difficult ex. I look forward to working with you to turn your story around and reunite with alienated or estranged children, save thousands of dollars on legal fees, and not compromise who you are when communicating with your difficult ex. If you are interested in learning more, let’s set up a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to discuss strategies of reuniting you with your children.