Seven Reasons Why Working from Home May Be Ideal For You

Seven Reasons Why Working from Home May Be Ideal For You

Telecommuting is a practice being adopted by companies around the globe as a way to lower overhead costs and foster better relationships with employees. I wish telecommuting was an option with my old employer, but it still required a lot of face-to-face interaction. I did have a lot of flexibility and some benefits mentioned here, but not to the extent of being completely mobile. That being said, now that I am 100% self-employed I do have virtually all of these reasons to be thankful for. Even just a few weeks in, I can already feel the benefits.

In addition to greater flexibility, higher levels of productivity and overall job satisfaction, telecommuting is ideal for the following reasons:

  • Little to no face-to-face contact with a “boss”. Although communication is key, nearly all methods of “checking in” are virtual which increases efficiency and lowers stress levels.
  • More control over your work environment. You call the shots.  If you produce better results while listening to 80s Hair Bands on your iPod, so be it!  You can do your work from the comfort of your own home, the healthy buzz of your local coffee shops, or your outdoor patio or garden area.

  • A schedule that fits your needs not your employer’s. Take that extended vacation that you planned without your world crumbling around you.  Attend your son’s Little League game without hassle from your boss.  Get up early or stay up late finishing up projects according to your preference.
  • No unnecessary added expenses. Skip the commute, wear your most comfortable clothes, brew your own coffee, and make lunch from scratch using the items that you already have in your kitchen.  Working from home helps you reduce costs and gives you tax breaks beyond your wildest imagination.
  • More variety in work assignments. Mundane tasks given to you by your “superiors” are delegated to people who work locally not remotely which give you the opportunity to complete several projects at one time.
  • You can raise your own children. Forget about daycare.  You can tend to your little ones and still maintain balance between your personal and professional life.
  • Increased job security. You can juggle multiple streams of income efficiently when you work from home.  By keeping yourself organized, you keep yourself out of the unemployment line and gainfully employed even if one endeavor doesn’t pan out.

No matter what your underlying reason for working from home may be, rest assured that more individuals and companies are considering the pluses of telecommuting and freelancing.

Explore your options and see what kind of arrangements can be made with your current employer before striking out on your own.  You never know.  You may ask yourself later on why you didn’t think about doing this sooner.

Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer for ChickSpeak, Buzzine, DisFUNKshion Magazine, Student Stuff, and a guest contributor for Wisebread.  She loves thrift related topics and can spot a bargain a mile away.

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