Shift Your Habit to Save Money and the Planet

Shift Your Habit to Save Money and the Planet

Did you know that a simple shift in your habits will help you save money and the planet?  You heard that right.  You don’t have to radically change your lifestyle to start making a difference in the world.  Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers tells you just how.  The 279 page book published by Three Rivers Press is divided into nine chapters and covers such topics as Home and Garden, Food and Drink, Kids, Work, and even Transportation and Travel.  I picked it up while I was visiting Seattle.

Packed full of tips to help you reduce costs and waste, Rogers’ book is a must-have for anyone wanting to live in a conscientious manner well within their means.  For example, using cruise control while driving long distances can save you as much as $70 in costs per year if you use it for a quarter of the miles you drive on average.  The reason behind this is “that the smallest changes in pressure on the gas pedal can still eat up your gas dollars”.  If you’re living on tight budget, this type of savings in substantial.

Rogers also suggests making the following “Super Shifts”:

  • Trading in paper towels for reusable cleaning cloths for a savings of $130 a year.  Check out the tutorial for these DIY Reusable “Paper” Towels.
  • Pack your kids a waste-free lunch for a savings of $540 a year.  Here are some reusable baggies you can create in no time and for very little money.
  • Shut down your computer every night for a savings of $55 a year.  Unplug it completely and plug it back in when you’re ready to use it again.
  • Sign up for paperless billing and make online payments for a savings of $60 per year.  For as little time as it takes to switch to this option, it’s a wonder you didn’t do it sooner.

As a travel lover, I especially enjoyed the chapter on Transportation and Travel.  Camping in a national park or forest can save a person up to $2,000 in accommodations over a two week period of time.  Instead of forgoing your next trip, why not check out some of the free campsites offered by the Bureau of Land Management?

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money.  By gradually making shifts in your life, you spend less and stop wreaking havoc on the planet.  Doesn’t it feel good to make real changes that you can see and benefit from?

Author: Charissa

Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.

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