Five Simple Ways to Save on Gas

The price of gas is enough to send people into a frenzy. The average American cannot afford to keep up with the fluctuation if they are relying on a fixed income. Those that are gainfully employed rely on their vehicles to get them to work. Those that are unemployed or underemployed often have just enough […]

Understanding the 6 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

People generally don’t put much thought into their auto insurance coverage. At the very least, there’s often a state minimum requirement, and beyond choosing the deductible most of the definitions on the auto policy just get glanced over.But understanding what these specific items cover, the limits, and amount it adds to your premium can have […]

Top 10 Ways to Get Maximum Return After Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

You’ve dealt with the accident, made sure everyone involved is safe, and filed your auto insurance claim. But, what’s next? I’m sure there are a million questions going through your head “What do I do next?” “When will I hear from the insurance agency?” And perhaps most importantly “Did I do everything I could have?” The […]