Tips For Finding an Apartment

finding an apartment

    When it comes to renting an apartment or home, you don’t have to be at a loss.  Renting has its benefits and can be a positive experience for people saving money to buy homes of their own. Renting a place rather than buying can be a very sound financial decision when you are […]

How to Save Money for a House

how to save money for a house

    When buying a house, a buyer is probably making the biggest investment of his or her life and must know how to come up with a serious down payment. On top of that, most buyers will need to spend a substantial amount of money moving and preparing the new house. Sadly, many potential […]

Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make When Buying Your First House

how to save money for a house

When you’ve decided it’s time to buy your first house you’ll be flooded with a ton of emotions. It’s exciting and stressful at the same time, and ultimately very rewarding once the papers are signed. Unfortunately, all of the emotion and stress can mean missing something very important or rushing into the decision which can […]

Mortgage Rates Are Low, But It May Still Cost You

make extra money

The news keeps talking about mortgage rates that continue to fall to almost unheard of low levels. We’re talking about 30-year fixed rate mortgages hovering just over 5%, and 15-year rates under 5% right now. These rates are sharply lower than just a few years ago. But just how much can you save with a […]

Why You Need a Home Maintenance and Repair Fund

Owning a home has long been considered part of the American Dream. It can be quite satisfying as a young adult to finally break free from a life of paying rent to a landlord and staking claim on your own piece of property where you’re free to do as you please and begin building equity […]

Tips for Buying Your First Condo

If your dream place to live is a popular travel destination, a crowded urban area, or any other location where real estate prices are escalating, you may be intimidated by the costs of single-family homes. Buying a condo is one option that allows you to achieve home-ownership while staying within your price range. What is […]

What is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and How Do You Eliminate it?

Buying a home is a major financial decision and one of the most important ones most people will make. Finding a home to purchase is really only the beginning. Unless the buyer has a lot of cash on hand or a lot of liquid assets, they will have to take out a loan and find […]

Making an Offer on a Home: How to Negotiate a Deal

Buying a home has to be one of the most exciting, yet stressful financial decision that most people will have to deal with. You can spend years saving up for a down payment, months touring homes looking for the right one, and weeks trying to find the best mortgage. With all of the effort going […]