Introducing the New Coupons and Deals Page

If you haven’t already noticed it, I’ve launched a new coupon page here on the site. This page will highlight many different coupon codes, special offers, and online deals. These offers are brought to you by the wonderful folks at You may have used their deal site before, so if so, you’ll already be […]

Extreme Couponing Creates Extreme Mess For Bargain Hunters

During what has been said to be one of the worst economic crises to hit America, those affected by downsizing and layoffs have resorted to drastic measures to put food on the table and keep on top of their mortgage payments.  This required tightening of the belt leaves little room for error. One mistake can […]

Save Thousands of Dollars with the Entertainment Book

If you’re looking for a great way to save thousands of dollars on entertainment, local attractions, and dining, you may want to look into buying an Entertainment Book. Available for nearly every major city in the United States, the savings book contains over $12,700 in discounts and buy one get one free offers. You even […]

Extreme Couponing Doing More Harm Than Good

As a soon-to-be published author of a personal finance book, I never thought I would catch myself saying that I think that bargain shopping has become a borderline obsession for many people. I say this as the Swiffer Duster promotion on Facebook locks up within seconds of being announced and entire shelves of Nivea Body […]

Five Wise Uses for Discretionary Income

According to Investorwords, discretionary income refers to “The amount of an individual’s income available for spending after the essentials (such as food, clothing, and shelter) have been taken care of.” Few individuals and families recognize the importance of this leftover money and squander it away on impulse purchases like magazines and overpriced coffee. This type […]

7 Great Coupon Resources

Saving Money With Coupons is Easy if You Know Where to Look Let’s face it.  We could all stand to have a little more money in the bank.  Grocery shopping, although necessary, can be a big budget buster.  Without careful planning, a trip to pick up “essentials” can wind up costing a small fortune.  Rather […]

Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount: The WSJ is Cheaper Than You Think

Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount of over 67% plus More Equals Big Savings While many newspapers are vanishing, there’s one paper that has, and should continue to stand the test of time. The Wall Street Journal has been the definitive source for financial news since 1889 when it was delivered by telegraph. Surpassed by only […]