Ten New Uses for Old T-Shirts

Ten New Uses for Old T-Shirts

I am on this big t-shirt kick right now.  I picked up a copy of Generation T and was instantly enthralled.  There are so many suggestions listed in the book on how to resurrect old garments and make them new again.  I think that is one skill that I can develop that will help keep me on track financially.  It will also assist me with my mission to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Rather than buy something brand new, I can reconstruct my old wardrobe into new and fashionable clothing, accessories, and home decorating items.  In addition to Megan Nicolay’s 108 suggestions, I found likeminded, creative folks on Etsy, YouTube, and Craftster.

Here are some inventive ways to turn old t-shirts into a:

  1. Quilt.  Straw.com offers a five section tutorial which teaches you how to layout, wash, fuse, arrange blocks, and sew your very own t-shirt quilt.
  2. Scarf.  This easy project is great for novices and makes a fun gift item to give for the Holidays.  You can also showcase your favorite t-shirts in a different way than usual which makes this scarf a great project for all ages.
  3. Necklace.  Far more trendy than a macaroni necklace, Whole Living’s tutorial can be made in minutes and can combine one or more t-shirts for a fun, funky look.
  4. Pillow.  Put your concert tee collection on display in your how by making a bunch of throw pillows using All Free Crafts tutorial.
  5. Rags.  If your tees are not in good enough shape to donate or use in other projects, Fun in the Making suggest making cleaning rags out of them.
  6. Hand Bag.  Be green by recycling your old t-shirts and carrying your own reusable bag.  Visit Craft Bits to find out how.
  7. Yarn.  T-shirt yarn is where it’s at.  That is one reason why Craft Passion created a tutorial for you to use and placed it on their website.
  8. Beanbag.  Make one for yourself, your kids or your dog using this easy pattern from CRAFT.
  9. Journal Cover.  Although this tutorial was created with store-bought fabric in mind, it can be altered in a way to include t-shirts as the main focus.
  10. Headband.  Why spend another dime on hair accessories when you have slews of old t-shirts lying around.  Craft Stylish shows you how to make darling headbands with its step-by-step tutorial.

A good t-shirt is a terrible thing to waste.  So don’t throw your favorite duds away before thinking about some alternative uses for them.  From cleaning rags to bean bags, an online tutorial exists to help you revive your lifeless high school track t-shirts into something amazing once again. And if you aren’t feeling crafty, at the very least you can donate them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Author: Charissa

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