The Complete Book of Baby Bargains Review

The Complete Book of Baby Bargains by family savings expert and founder of Kimberly Danger is worth its weight in gold.  Consisting of 1,000 tips and practices to help you save money on baby gear, maternity wear, furniture, and more, this book is a must-have resource for any parent wanting to save up to 80% on the things they need for their little ones.

Formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand, Danger gives thoughtful advice on acquiring things for cheap or free, reusing what you may have on hand from prior pregnancies, and making things like wipes and baby food at home.

The book is divided up into twenty-seven chapters and provides information on ways to save money before the baby arrives up until the moment he or she becomes school age.  In fact, here are some of the things that are mentioned on the back cover of this comprehensive resource guide:

  • The top 10 ways to save before baby arrives
  • Brand-name baby clothes at rock-bottom prices
  • Insider tips on the best values in baby gear
  • Online deals for diapers and wipes
  • When to expect big sales and how low they’ll go
  • Baby products you can make at home for free
  • Creative solutions for baby announcements, maternity wear, nursery furniture, entertainment, toys, storage, and décor

A few of my favorite tips include:

“Cut off the leg holes of a onesie to make a T-shirt that will fit for several months.  If it’s cotton it shouldn’t even need hemming.”

“Barter for babysitting.  College students may be interested in using your washing machine, borrowing your DVDs, or getting some free meals.  Your neighbor may trade for lawn care, pet sitting, etc.”

Available through Sourcebooks and Amazon and priced at $12.99, The Complete Book of Baby Bargains makes a great gift every day of the year.  In fact, parents wanting to learn even more ways to save money can visit

A note from Jeremy: I wish I would have come across this book a long time ago. After having our first child just under two years ago there were certainly some things we spent too much money on. We learned from those mistakes and applied it to our second child that was just born a few weeks ago, but there’s so much more in this book that even experienced parents can use.

Author: Charissa

Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.


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Laura K. Cowan
Laura K. Cowan

Hi Charissa!
This is a great post and a good book, but I found many of Kimberly's suggestions to be either too obvious (maybe because I'm already a mom?) or only offering nickel and dime savings. I recently published a book called Ecofrugal Baby: How To Save 70% Off Baby's First Year, which can teach new parents how to get an entire year's worth of baby clothes FREE, how to save 85% off organic baby food, 77% off non-toxic toiletries, $1000 per year by cloth diapering, and so on. I skipped the little or obvious stuff and went straight for the most efficient ways to save money. Would you like to review Ecofrugal Baby? I would be happy to send you a copy. You can reach me at laurakcowan/at/gmail/dot/com or via my blog Thanks!

Laura K. Cowan
founder of, author of Ecofrugal Baby: How To Save 70% Off Baby's First Year