The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Concierge Services

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Concierge Services

Have you ever wanted someone else to take over some of your more complicated responsibilities? Long gone are the days when you would have a butler to take care of everyday needs. Nowadays, if you have certain credit cards, you can simply call your credit card company and have them do quite a variety of different tasks for you.

Credit card concierge service has been around for some time. The first company to incorporate this service was American Express. Visa and Mastercard slowly followed after.

How far will they go?

You might be thinking, “How much will a credit card company do in order to help me?”. Well, from what people have said and seen, credit card companies will do all they can to help you with whatever you need. Here are just a few examples of what certain credit card concierge services have done for their users (Note: These are more of the outrageous uses. We will talk about the more practical uses later.):

  • Ever need some craft ideas to do with kids? Well, check out this guy’s list! Looks like credit card concierge services will even help you entertain your young family members with a really cool craft project (#6).
  • Need to make a reservation in another country? What about if you want to go somewhere remote? Well check out how this person was able to find a hotel in a less-than-popular area with their credit card concierge service (Really cool – they take the time to compare the concierge services of Visa and Mastercard). But wait…what happens when you do not know the language? Don’t worry…your credit card concierge service has a “Language Department“!
  • This is probably the craziest of all! I have seen plenty of people who love nacho cheese! It seems like there is always that group of people (I wish I was in this group, but I can never talk myself into spending $8 for nacho cheese and 10 chips) at every sports game or movie who can’t stop feasting on their nachos. However, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone like nacho cheese so much to fill a bathtub with it. A while back, someone took the chance to test Visa’s concierge service to its limits. The verdict? Visa will do pretty much anything!

What cannot be accomplished by a credit card concierge service?

Ok, so I realize not everyone is going to want to try any of the wacky ideas above. But just in case, the following things are what Visa credit card concierge service (posted in the comments of the above “nacho cheese” example) said they could NOT do:

  1. We cannot get you an interview to work for a sports team.
  2. We do not have special access to confidential government reports.
  3. We do not have discounts for venues, restaurants, or services not included on the website
  4. If a hotel is completely sold out and booked, we cannot reserve a room there; however we’d be glad to check other hotels nearby.
  5. We cannot research your school paper, or do your job for you.
  6. We can’t run personal errands or call your friends for you.
  7. We can’t plan your wedding, but we can help you find a wedding planner.
  8. As far as what’s considered unethical behavior, consider this an example: If child prostitution is legal somewhere, we won’t help you find one; however if you’re in Nevada and want to make an appointment for a rendezvous at the Bunny Ranch, we’d be glad to help you check rates and availability.
  9. We don’t have access to your credit card account information or rewards program.
  10. Please keep these not-so-unreasonable limitations in mind when you give us a call. We’ll hear from you soon.

Those of you who were thinking of turning your job over to your credit card concierge service… think again! 🙂

The Credit Cards

You have seen how far they will go to help. You have seen what they are not able to do. So what cards actually offer this service? Well, there are a few options available. First, there is the American Express Platinum Card, it has an annual fee of $450, so you have to really look at it and weigh out the benefits verse the amount you are paying per year to see if it is right for you.

Next up is the Saks Fifth World Elite Mastercard, this one does not have an annual fee to it, but might not have all the features you want.

The word “free” always sounds better to the ears. If you are always on-the-go, AMEX does offer some complimentary Airport features you might enjoy. So whether you want your credit card company to find you credit card car insurance, or a bathtub full of nacho cheese, make sure you check over your credit card concierge service!


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