Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

try before you buy



How You Can Try Products Without Buying Them First

Oh, the joy of getting something for free. Ever wondered how to get free stuff to sample.  The allure of samples is hard to resist especially when you want to try new products but don’t have the means or courage to spend your money on an item that you may or may not like.  So, how do you adopt a try-before-you-buy mentality when it comes new items?  The following list will show you how you can try products without paying full price for them first.

try before you buy

Here are a few for you to consider:

  1. Product Samples.  Acquire them in the store or through offerings online.  Take the sample and put it to use.  Note that there is usually a coupon included with the freebie as a way of encouraging you to buy the product you tried.  If you liked what you used or consumed, by all means, purchase a larger box, bag or bottle for your home.
  2. Subscription Boxes.  I love, love, love my online subscription box service.  I’m particularly fond of Conscious Box because I live in a small town and have to travel a great distance to get healthy vegan products.  With my monthly subscription, I’m able to try a variety of health and beauty, household, and grocery items and purchase what I liked online.  I consider this the best $20 I spend each month because there’s a whole lot of wonderful crammed into each box I receive.
  3. Product Reviews.  If you’re lucky enough to work for a well-known publication or have a blog with a lot of traffic, companies will come to you with their products in exchange for a review many times.  You’d be surprised to learn just how many businesses rely on word-of-mouth marketing to increase their sales.  If you have a product that interests you and the medium to publish a honest review about it, send a quick email to the publicity department of the company and see what transpires.  Instead of receiving small samples like a normal consumer, you’ll often get full-sized products to try and enjoy.
  4. Coupons.  Companies often encourage customers to try new products by enticing them with a coupon for a free or deeply discounted item.  If you’re in the habit of using coupons when you shop, make sure to pay special attention to these opportunities to try new products.  You’d be pleasantly surprised at how many new items you get to sample when all is said and done.  Look for coupons that read FREE or FREE with purchase and carry them with you in your binder for easy access. You could always get into extreme couponing as well to help you get free items.

You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on things that may not be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.  With a little work and effort, you can scout out free samples wherever you go.  You’ll be less shy about asking to try before you buy a certain deli product or ice cream flavor because you know if you like it, you’ll buy it.  Companies know this as well and that’s why they’re willing to give you free samples and coupons to get you through the door or onto their websites for more information.

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