Tuesday Morning: An Undiscovered Discount Retail Gem

Tuesday Morning: An Undiscovered Discount Retail Gem

Well it is Tuesday morning and I would like to tell you about a largely undiscovered deep discount retailer called Tuesday Morning where everything is 50%-80% off all the time. The company has been around since 1974 but I just recently stumbled upon this great store. Actually, when I was in college I always drove by one but in the many years living there I never went in. They didn’t run commercials or newspaper ads and with a name like Tuesday Morning I had no indication it was worth checking out.

What is Tuesday Morning?

Tuesday Morning is a discount home and gift item chain that provides deep discounts on name brand products. This are the same items that you see in the higher end retail stores, brand new, just sold at a deep discount. Tuesday Morning has over 750 stores across the country so finding one near you should be fairly easy.

Unlike many stores, Tuesday Morning structures their operation in 10-12 separate sale events throughout the year, which start on scheduled Tuesday mornings. The stores will close during specified periods in order to restock the shelves with new inventory in anticipation of these sale events. Even though they hold only a select number of sales each year the store is open around 300 days a year and you can find great deals regardless of when you go. But in order to get first picks on new inventory you want to show up at the beginning of a sale.

What Does Tuesday Morning Carry?

Anything and everything. You can find a great selection of housewares, linens, outdoor decor, some furniture, cookware, etc. The best part is that all of these items are generally brand new in the box and major name brands, and everything is 50-80% off. For example their latest sale that starts today includes new arrivals of:

  • Kitchen – Cuisinart electrics, Rival indoor BBQ slow cooker
  • Pool, patio or yard – Outdoor furniture, cushions, Cobb portable grill, planters.
  • Bedroom and bath – Closeout luxury comforter sets and sheets from Waterford, cotton waffle blankets, Egyptian cotton towels, teak shower stool and more.
  • Travel – famous maker luggage
  • Fun and pleasure – Towle crystal crosses, “Fresh Touch” long stem roses and glass menagerie collectibles by Fitz and Floyd
  • Wheeled scrapbook storage.
  • And much more!

If you want you can check out the full color ad highlighting some of the items: April 3rd Tuesday Morning Ad

What to Expect

The only reason I decided to check out this place was because of a curious TV ad I saw last week. Without mentioning much details they created mystery about some of the new kitchen items that were coming in today. I love to cook and I’ve been looking for a a good stainless steel frying pan as well as a few high quality knives. So yesterday I went in just to check it out and I was amazed at the items they had for sale and the prices.

They carried a wide array of restaurant/commercial grade cookware at a fraction of the price of retail. $200 pans for $50-$60. They had Wusthof cutlery at 50% off or more. They also had a large selection of Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid appliances, brand new in the box for half the price in stores. I was impressed, but was able to hold off on buying anything. Since the new sale just started this morning I am headed over there after work to see what new deals may have came in.

So if you are looking for items for your home this would be an ideal place to start your search. While the inventory varies if you can happen to find what you are looking for you will save a lot of money. Be sure to check out their store locator to find one near you.

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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