TurboTax 2007 Premier Contest – 7 Ways to Enter

TurboTax 2007 Premier Contest – 7 Ways to Enter

TurboTaxIt is tax season, and to celebrate the site redesign, I’m going to be giving away a copy of TurboTax Premier Investments & Rental Property software. This is a $75 value, and includes both federal and state returns. This version of TurboTax is ideal for those who own an investment or rental property, or manages investments in a taxable account.

The winner will receive an unopened installation CD which includes everything you need to begin completing your tax return.

This contest will run until 9 p.m. EST on Monday, February 18th. At that time, all entries from the various methods explained below will be assigned a number, and a winning number will be selected at random. To qualify, you must provide a valid email address and live in the U.S. The software will be shipped via standard first class mail.

7 Ways to Enter

For this contest, each person has the ability to earn up to 7 entries. The entry methods are as follows:

  1. Leave a comment in this post stating that you’d like to win. (only one comment per person will count)
  2. Mention, and link to this contest post on your website or blog. (contact me to inform me of the link)
  3. Link to any post on this site from your own site between now and the contest deadline. (contact me to inform me of the link)
  4. Spot the TurboTax graphic hidden in posts in the archives. There are 4 total. (contact me with the URLs of the page(s) you found)

The image you’re looking for is:

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