Vanguard Announces Fund Distributions

Vanguard Announces Fund Distributions

Morningstar reports:

Vanguard has announced projected 2006 distributions for several funds. Leading the pack is Vanguard International Growth VWIGX, which will make a sizable distribution of about 8% of the fund’s NAV as of the end of November. (This percentage may change slightly by the time the distribution is made in late December.)

Shareholders of Vanguard Capital Opportunity VHCOX, Primecap VPMCX, Explorer VEXPX, and Windsor VWNDX should also plan for significant distributions before year-end. Notably, however, the announcement included only one Vanguard index fund–the REIT Index Fund VGSIX.

For the complete list and official release from Vanguard: Updated Distribution List

I know there are quite a few Vanguard holders that visit the site, so this should be worth checking out if you hold Vanguard funds.

Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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