Where You Can Go To College For Free

Where You Can Go To College For Free

College can be incredibly expensive, but some colleges offer free tuition as well as room and board to their students.  One of the most recent to jump on the bandwagon was Stanford University, located in Stanford, California.  In an article dated March 2nd, 2008, in the Sacramento Bee, Stanford announced its plan to offer free tuition to anyone with an income of $100,000 or less.  Those families making $60,000 or less can also take advantage of free housing.

To access the university’s website and view the admissions process, visit:


College of the Ozarks, nicknamed Hard Work U, offers its students a unique financial aid package.  According to its website, www.cofo.edu, 90% of the students admitted to COFO must show need for financial assistance.  A limited 10% of positions are reserved for students showing no need for aid.

Through a combination of work study opportunities, federal and state grants and private scholarships and endowments, students’ estimated cost of attending the $16,000 a year university is $0.  The faculty at COFO is committed to helping each and every student write their own success story. More information on admissions requirements, the interview process and financial aid can be found by logging on to their website.

Deep Springs College is an all male liberal arts school located in Deep Springs, California.  Built on a cattle-ranch and an alfalfa farm in 1917, its 26 students pride themselves on its founder, L.L. Nunn’s mission to serve humanity.  Students earn their tuition, a whopping $50,000 for two years of schooling, by helping out at the ranch.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, check out the college’s website:


Beautiful sounds can be heard from the students at the Curtis Institute of Music, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Since 1928, the school has picked up tuition costs for all of its students.  Based on musical merit, undergraduate students can save a whopping $32,500 on tuition costs where graduate students can save even more by securing a place in the school.

Audition and admission guidelines can be found at:


Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, is the first private school program of its kind to offer full-tuition scholarships to all of its students.  Located in Glen Cove, New York, Webb Institute does not charge for its classes but warns students of additional costs that may incur by attending college.  Things such as room and board, books and laboratory fees, transportation costs, etc. are not included in this unique environment.  Students are encouraged to apply for outside aid to cover the costs of these items.

For more information, consult:


A great number of state colleges offer free tuition.  Residents in the state of Georgia can take advantage of the Hope Scholarship Program.  Students who meet eligibility requirements and attend public colleges can take advantage of free tuition, approved mandatory fees and a book stipend for each semester.

To qualify, refer to:


Why pay money for something you can get for free.  The next time that you or your child talks about college, consider visiting the websites listed here for more information.  There’s a good chance that one of the free colleges will fit your needs.

Free Online Education

If you aren’t looking for an entire degree and are more interested in learning on your own or part of a continued education program you may also be able to turn to some free education online. I have already put together a list of some of the top free online financial courses to get you started.

If you know of any other free education resources please feel free to leave a comment.

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