Five Free Online Applications to Help You Get Organized

Five Free Online Applications to Help You Get Organized

Disorganization is the pits.  It causes you to forget important dates, misplace your keys, and let money saving coupons expire before you get a chance to use them.  It wreaks havoc on your finances, puts strain on your relationships, and causes more stress than you need.  Rather than go another day living amidst chaos, why not consider using the following free web applications?   In addition to simplifying your workload, they can also help you create grocery lists, set up birthday reminders, and add tasks from a number of sources including Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Did you know that being organized can actually save you money? If you’ve ever forgotten to pay a bill on time you know how much that can hurt your wallet. Could be a $20, $30, or even $40 late fee. Had you simply been organized and knew when to pay the bills it could have saved you money. And don’t forget organizing your financial documents. When it comes to doing your taxes, buying a home, or making any other large financial decision it will save you a lot of time and money if you’re organized. Luckily, getting organized is easy and you can do so for free.

Here are a few to try today:

  • Remember the Milk.  Members of the site can upload To-Do lists, sync them to their Google calendar, and share tasks with friends and family members.  Access your lists from your phone or update them via Twitter.
  • Evernote.  Appropriate for school, business, and personal matters, the service allows users to capture web pages, store wish lists, and keep meeting notes together in one place.  Find items easily through the use of keywords, titles, and tags.
  • Group Tweet.  Members can take an ordinary group Twitter account, privatize Direct Messages, and send them to colleagues without the threat of someone outside of the circle obtaining personal information.
  • 4 Shared.  Store up to 10 GB of your favorite music, movies, and photos in a virtual drive that is accessible from any computer.  Sort and organize items into folders for future use without paying a dime.
  • Birthday Alarm.  With 50 million members worldwide, the service gives users access to over a hundred free birthday cards as well as party planning tips and invitations.  Never forget an important milestone again!  In addition to birthdays, members can request reminders for anniversaries, holidays, and events.

Being disorganized can cause you more grief than happiness.  The key to an organized life is persistence.  Simply incorporate the systems that are listed here into your daily routine and see what kind of progress you make.  It’s likely that you’ll free up more time than you’ll know what to do with and can use it to research other methods that you can use to further simplify your life.

Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer for ChickSpeak, Buzzine, DisFUNKshion Magazine, Student Stuff, and a guest contributor for Wisebread.  She loves thrift related topics and can spot a bargain a mile away.

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Charissa is into frugal living and saving money.

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